bcb is a Spanish engineering and technology company, with a presence in Spain, Portugal and (since 2012) in Mexico, specialized in thermographic monitoring systems, with multiple applications in Industry, Science and Research.

We are authorized dealers and integrators of FLIR thermal imaging cameras, and experts in innovative solutions for industrial and scientific applications, using data acquisition, machine vision, imaging and AI / ML systems.

We also provide tailor-made training on thermography and its applications, and we actively participate in national and international R & D & i projects.

As FLIR integrators, we offer high added value solutions using the most advanced cameras, adapted to the specific needs of each thermographic monitoring application, from a personalized and global perspective for both industry and science.

Our bcbMonitor® software platform, together with the use of thermal imaging cameras and other complementary technologies, allows us to offer the most complete monitoring solutions for each process, in line with the specific needs of our clients.

We invite you to visit our Resources section and our YouTube channel, where you will find information on our developments in multiple sectors, from those linked to Advanced Processes and Industry 4.0, to medical applications including our powerful bcbTempScan® software for Elevated Skin Temperature screening.


Monitoring of solar fields

bcb has contributed to the solar thermal sector for more than 10 years, by designing and developing our own custom application, with thermography, for heliostat calibration systems, based on machine vision for the capture, analysis and treatment of projection images from heliostats (in plants based on tower and troughs technologies).

Monitoring of welding processes

Application of thermography to welding monitoring and control in real time. The portfolio of tools integrated in our bcbMonitor® makes our software a valuable resource for process optimization in the Automotive Industry, through continuous monitoring, in line with any specific needs.

H2020 SME Instrument Phase 2

bcb with its Baby Beat project (Continuous and non-invasive measurement system of the fetal heartbeat), was one of the 13 Spanish companies that were granted funding by the European Commission for the SME Phase 2 instrument, within H2020.

Short-circuit detection in zinc and copper refineries

bcb has developed a Thermographic Monitoring System for electrolytic processes, using infrared cameras. The system detects hot spots caused by short circuits in junctions between anodes and cathodes.

Inspection of electronic cards, PCBs and components using thermography

A bolometric camera with a resolution of 320x240 pixels or higher can detect anomalies in electronic cards in a matter of seconds. Automated test execution is possible thanks to the integration of this equipment with our bcbMonitor®, using its advanced synchronization functionality with external elements (I2C, CAN, LIN).

INFRARED THERMOGRAPHY for STEEL / METALLURGY within Industry 4.0: Repeatability and traceability

The use of thermography is an essential tool in Industry 4.0 (inspection of refractories, castings, slag levels, electrolytic baths and predictive maintenance, among other applications of infrared thermography in the iron & steel industry).


Through these years we have participated in many projects with leading companies:

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At bcb we are experts in thermographic monitoring systems, with multiple applications in Industry, Science and Research

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