With over 23 years’ experience within our sector, we have developed a series of customized thermographic systems, based on our bcb Monitor® platform, for many industrial processes, with spectacular results both regarding quality control and applications directly related to production chains.

We are authorized dealers and integrators of FLIR thermal imaging cameras, and experts in innovative solutions for industrial and scientific applications, using data acquisition, machine vision, imaging and AI / ML. We also provide tailor-made training in thermography and its applications, and we actively participate in national and European R & D & i project calls.

Thermographic solutions


bcbMonitor® is a family of products that integrates in a single platform, multiple combinations of thermographic sensors, image management software, and additional elements to build up a complete thermographic monitoring solution adapted to the needs of each particular application. Our bcbMonitor® is used to acquire and process thermographic images from FLIR cameras in real time.


Automatic, continuous and unattended supervision of switching and other operations in electrical substations and in transformation centers, provides great improvements in efficiency and in safety, facilitating maintenance tasks. By means of thermography, the status of circuit breakers and transformer connections can be viewed and evaluated in real time and without any danger to the operator. Infrared thermography is a contactless, safe and reliable tool .


One of the many applications of thermography is the uninterrupted autonomous monitoring in Data Processing Centers, detecting anomalous temperature variations in real time and at a distance, thus preventing any risks to the equipment, energy inefficiencies and also allowing the detection of any intrusions.


Thermal information is essential for many applications, such as the production of parts and components in the automotive and electronics sectors. The use of machine vision an thermographic images, in combination with advanced software such as our bcbMonitor®, allows the detection and prevention of production problems (product and process), detecting thermal irregularities. Thermal imaging thus provides valuable information to production specialists and decision-makers in production and maintenance. Radiometric images are, in practice, equivalent to several thousand virtual thermocouples, with the additional advantage that data can be stored and analyzed, improving traceability.


Measuring temperatures without contact, remotely and together with communications with an alarm center, using thermal imaging cameras in combination with our bcbMonitor® , help prevent fires by detecting hot spots and spontaneous combustions before ignition occurs, with the establishment of thresholds and / or temperature gradients.


Among the FLIR cameras of the OGI series (Optical Gas Inspection) distributed by bcb, the new GF77a is a great option: uncooled, designed to detect industrial gases such as methane, sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide, improving inspections and reducing the possibility of obtaining false readings. Thanks to FLIR's patented High Sensitivity Mode (HSM), detection functions are enhanced by accentuating movement to make tiny gas columns more visible to the user. These cameras used in combination with the bcbMonitor® and a Pan-Tilt platform, can perform continuous automatic 360º rounds (sweeps)

Complete solutions for thermographic monitoring

As a system integrator, we offer complete thermographic monitoring solutions, including multiple elements such as communication with PLCs, SCADA, SQL and non-SQL Databases, using standard protocols such as Modbus / TCP, ProfiNet or in general OPC, managed through our powerful bcbMonitor® software platform.


bcb offers different software applications for cameras programming and images management both at the factory or remotely, by cable or wireless, for one or multiple cameras. Which solution best suits your process?


Up to 64 cameras


Maximum performance with a single camera


Simple camera programming


Data and alarms on your mobile or tablet


Check your data from anywhere


bcbAnyware Process your images whenever you want


bcb is among the engineering companies with the greatest expertise in thermography solutions and services, with over 23 years’ experience in sectors as diverse as: renewable energy (solar thermal), automotive, metallurgy and iron and steel, plastics, food, Oil & Gas or health, just to name a few.

Engineering design, construction and assembly of test benches and inspection systems for quality control of electrical, electronic and / or mechanical equipment.

Process engineering with communication with PLCs, SCADA or distributed control systems.

Data acquisition systems, based on the integration of multiple sensors (including FLIR thermal imaging cameras), with real-time processing.

Complete artificial vision projects using Deep Learning (AI / ML) combining thermal imaging cameras (near infrared NIR / SWIR, medium MWIR or far LWIR), visible, UV or hyperspectral, including high speed.

Thermography training courses and training sessions in inspection and testing techniques, totally customized in line with our clients’ needs, optimally combining theory and practice.

Special custom developments, including virtual and augmented reality (VR / AR), Big Data, 3D thermographic imaging, photogrammetry, etc ...


At bcb we are fully aware of the importance of R&D activities, and in general of innovation as an engine of progress, and for this reason we have actively participated during the last 20 years in our own projects and in collaborative projects with industrial companies, universities, technology centers and other research and technology organizations, both Spanish and European.

These projects are an effective way of transferring knowledge and technology, since they increase the innovative capacity of companies and places our R&D in line with the needs of our clients, using mainly thermography, but also including other additional technologies.

VIZTA project aims at developing innovative technologies in the field of optical sensors and laser sources for short to long-range 3D-imaging, 2019

Optical prognosis system that will determine the presence of cancer cells in the breast lymph nodes, 2016

(Ultra) Sound Interfaces and Low Energy iNtegrated Sensors. Activation and control of devices by gestures, 2016

ICT to support the daily life of shift workers by improving their circadian rhythms, 2014

Bracelet for the mother with integrated non-invasive technology for continuous measurement of the fetal heart during pregnancy, 2015

Hyperspectral imaging technology for the inspection of the quality of fishery products, 2014

Solution to the safe external control of a non-cooperative vehicle, 2012

Provision for acceptable indoor coverage, 2009

Solar R & D Consortium. Prospecting of new less expensive thermosolar technologies, 2008

Effective detection of pollution on the surface of liquids by artificial vision, 2002

How can we help you?

bcbMonitor®, a single platform, multiple combinations of thermal imaging cameras, image management software, and add-ons, to build a complete custom thermal imaging monitoring solution.

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