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Process control in the food industry is essential to ensure the health of perishable goods and to optimize costs associated with production losses, repackaging and consumer complaints. Thermography is a widely validated non-invasive and non-destructive tool to achieve these goals, acting as a non-contact temperature sensor for large areas. The automation of this inspection is achieved by treating the images with a dedicated software that detects these anomalies and informs the operator or other systems of the production line so that they can eliminate the defective element from the production chain or correct a deviation that was producing.

Some of the applications of thermography in food processing are:

  • Temperature control of the product at the outlet of the firing ovens and, indirectly, of the thermal distribution of the ovens, and may even be part of the feedback system.
  • Quality assurance and properties of products subjected to various processes, such as pasteurization, fermentation, ..
  • Detection of foreign matter,
  • Inspection of the sealing system in plastic containers,
  • Control of the filling level of opaque bottles.
  • Adequate filling of containers.

bcbMonitor - food industry

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