WEBINAR: Thermography and early fire detection

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On October 29, bcb gave the online seminar "Thermographic Monitoring for Early Detection of Fires"; for more than an hour specialists in the field discussed different topics related to early fire detection.

Topics related to the NFPA72 regulations applicable in America and Spain for fire detection, basic notions of thermography, early fire detection and sectors prone to these incidents were addressed, as well as our proposals for each need.


The launch of our most recent system was also carried out with great success: bcbFireScan, which has been developed for the early fire detection by being able to detect any variation in the temperature changes of what is being protected.

Finally, to the surprise of the webinar attendees, a live DEMO of our bcbFireScan system was performed which, together with the FLIR A700 thermal imager and real examples, demonstrated the importance of having an early fire detection system.

If you did not have the opportunity to attend, you can see a summary of this webinar at the following link:


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