bcb presentation at the Photonics days 2020 - Berlin

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The third edition of the Photonics Days 2020 - Berlin Brandenburg has been held, where bcb has participated as a speaker.

It is a conference that takes place from October 5 to 8, a space to discuss with the international community the latest technological advances, manufacturing and testing challenges and market opportunities; with 20 virtual events with more than 180 speakers from 15 different countries.

These days have been organized by one of Secpho's strategic partners, OpTecBB, a photonics cluster based in Berlin,

The title of the webinar given by bcb was: Infrared Thermography in and beyond Industry 4.0. where different applications of thermography have been exposed in different sectors (industry, food, solar thermal, research, etc.)

Among the speakers of the different sessions, secpho partners stand out, such as Atria InnovationBEAMAGINE, bcb Informática y ControlNew Infrared Technologies, Inphotech, KDPOFQuside and Doitplenoptic.

This third edition of the Photonics Days has been held in virtual format due to the exceptional situation caused by the Covid-19 crisis.

Its aim is to connect participants from different sectors and regions, so that they cooperate to innovate and create value for new photonics-based value chains.

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