Automatic methane detection with FLIR OGI thermographic cameras: GF77A

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Following the launch of the new A400/A700 cameras, Flir launches its first fixed mount non-refrigerated connected thermal imaging camera for detecting methane and other industrial gases: GF77a. This camera shares a platform with them.

BCB, Flir authorized dealer, also places the thermal camera on a pan-tilt platform for periodic and automatic rounds.

Being a non-refrigerated solution that has a bolometric sensor (340x256 pixels) with a spectral range between 7 and 8.5 microns, the price is very interesting.

It reaches gas sensitivities (NECL) as interesting as (ΔT = 10 ° C ,, distance = 1 m):

* <100 ppm x m for CH4 (methane)

* <75 ppm x m for N2O

* <400 ppm x m for C3H8 (propane)

It has two optics options: one of 25 ° (18 mm distance) and another of 6 ° (74 mm) that allows detection at long distances.

The bcbMonitor is now ready to acquire and process the images provided by this new sensor in real time.

The new GF77a thermal imager belongs to Flir Systems' series of cameras that generate optical gas images (OGI). Provides downstream and intermediate gas processors, producers and operators with continuous monitoring functions to detect invisible and potentially dangerous methane leaks at natural gas plants, renewable energy production facilities, industrial plants and other locations in the supply chain. natural gas supply.

The GF77ais designed to detect industrial gases such as methane, sulfur dioxide, and nitrous oxide to improve inspections and reduce the possibility of false readings. Thanks to Flir's patented High Sensitivity Mode (HSM), detection functions are enhanced by accentuating movement so that tiny gas columns are more visible to the user. Thanks to its radiometric calibration, it also measures temperature, making it a solution that allows monitoring of tank levels and inspection of components that may overheat.

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