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Launch of the new automation series Flir A400 / A700

BCB in the fight against coronavirus

bcbTempScan®, an effective infrared thermography tool for detecting elevated body temperature

Technological engineering company with more than a 20 years experience, experts in data acquisition systems, machine vision and infrared thermography

Innovative thermographic application projects for Industry and Science.

Learn about the capabilities, experience and technologies of bcb in engineering solutions and integration of customized systems, with FLIR.

Líderes en aplicaciones termográficas

Thermographic solutions for continuous and online monitoring of equipment and critical processes

Obtain the thermal distribution of your process, contactless and continuously, detecting manufacturing errors or breakdowns in critical equipment for the development of the activity or located in a location of difficult access

At BCB, we are committed to innovation

We develop totally customized projects and new ones in the market


bcb is a Spanish engineering and technology company, with offices in Spain and Mexico and activities worldwide, specialized in thermographic monitoring systems, with multiple applications in Industry, Science and Research. We are authorized dealers and integrators of FLIR thermal imaging cameras, and experts in innovative solutions for industrial and scientific applications, using data acquisition, artificial vision, imaging and AI / ML. We also provide tailor-made training in thermography and its applications, and we actively participate in national and European R & D & i project calls.


Each member contribution is the basis of our success


Always searching for new applications


With our customers and technology partners


As FLIR integrators, we offer high added value solutions using the most advanced cameras, adapted to the specific needs of each thermographic monitoring application, from a personalized and global perspective for both industry and science. Our bcbMonitor® software platform, together with the use of thermal imaging cameras and other complementary technologies, allows us to offer the most complete monitoring solutions for each process, in line with the specific needs of our clients.


of international experience

+1.000.000 control panels

B2xx Ford Fiesta models inspected.

+ 23000

Heliostats calibrated in thermosolar power plants through the world

2 Patents granted:

heliostats calibration, and fetus heartbeat using SMI interferometric measurements


We are experts in data acquisition and machine vision, with a vocation and passion for innovation.


Inspection and spectral analysis, to guarantee traceability and repeatability by improving the quality of processes and products, monitoring machinery, electrical equipment and critical equipment, or improving the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, ailments and injuries.


In addition to being an authorized dealer and integrator of FLIR thermal imaging cameras, we carry out our own developments of customized thermographic monitoring systems and solutions, in line with our customers’ needs.

R&D Projects

We have extensive experience in Spanish (CDTI) and European (FP5, FP7, H2020) projects, over the past 15 years, in fields related to thermography, Machine Vision, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and related technologies.



bcb is distributor (first world manufacturer of infrared sensors) in Spain, Portugal, and Mexico


For more than 20 years, bcb has developed its applications mainly using LabVIEW and other NI tools


bcb maintains effective strategic alliances in research and development with CIDESI Mexico for more than 5 years

Sectores principales


Thermography enables temperature control in critical facilities, both in electronic and computer equipment, and also air conditioning.


The thermal imbalance between the interior and the tank surface allows monitoring of the fill level using thermal imaging cameras.

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We are a technology and engineering company, authorized dealer and integrators of FLIR thermal imaging cameras, and experts in innovative tailor-made solutions.

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